Jasper Noto

I, Bob Meli, took this photo on June 15, 2016 in a barber shop in New Milford, NJ. It had been five years since I had spoken to Jasper Noto. In this photo Jasper Noto is 89 years old.

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  I, (Bob Meli), went to a VFW meeting at the Hackensack Troast Club in Hackensack on
February 9, 2011. I spoke to Jasper Noto and he told me about his service. We only spoke for a few moments, but what he told me he was involved with, they have written volumes on.

Jasper Noto, who was 84 when I spoke to him, said he grew up in Hackensack and went to school up until the 9th grade around 1942. He joined the Navy shortly after leaving school and served overseas from 1944 – 1945 as a Coxswain. I asked him what that meant and he explained. A coxswain is the driver of an LCI which stands for Landing Craft Infantry.
A Landing Craft Infantry carried approximately 172 men fully equipped to shore when invading the many islands in the Pacific Theater. 

Jasper Noto was assigned to LCI #739, which he landed men on three of the most heavily fought battles of the Pacific War, First the Battle of Pelileu, second the Battle of Iwo Jima and third the Battle of Okinawa.

          Let us never forget the sailors sacrifice.               

 Written by:
Bob Meli
July 22 , 2011

Landing craft infantry battle of Iwo Jima ; Battle of Pelileu

Original image of LCI in the Battle of Iwo Jima obtained from:

Rollover image is LCI in the Battle of Pelileu obtained from:


Background image of Columns of troop-packed LCIs
(Landing Craft, Infantry) trail in the wake of a Coast Guard-manned LST
(Landing Ship, Tank) en route to the invasion of Cape Sansapor,
New Guinea in 1944 obtained from: