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In January of 2011, James E. Purcell sent us this information:
James E. Purcell attended Hackensack High School from 1952 until he graduated in 1955. He joined the Army shortly after graduating Hackensack High School in 1955 and served actively until 1958.

James E. Purcell stayed on Active Reserve for another five years. He was assigned to the Infantry and left the Army at the rank of S P 3 (Specialist Private 3rd Class). James E. Purcell received the Good Conduct Medal and was “Soldier of the Month” April 1958, just before his Honorable Discharge.
James E. Purcell served just after the Korean War Between Major Conflicts.

This is an interesting note he wrote on the form he filled out about his service:
“Night firing in Korea was deficient. I was part of a team of Approx. 200 soldiers and scientists from the department of the Army who experimented with and developed the “pop-up” target which replaced the Bull’s Eye target and became SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) throughout the U.S. Army. 
The project was called “Train Fire” Ft. Benning Ga. 1954-1958.

Jim Purcell


Years in service 1955-1958 and 5 years in Reserves
Army Infantry


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