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St. Joseph's Cemetery Sign
James D. Visci Grave Marker



This grave marker which is at St. Joseph’s Cemetery, located at
179 Hackensack Avenue, Hackensack, New Jersey reveals that
James D. Visci served in the U.S. Army. James D. Visci had to have served during the Vietnam War because of his date of death
March 16, 1968 at the age of only 24.

I have no knowledge as of July 16, 2017, how
James D. Visci passed away, whether in service or other causes. 

He was not on the Original Wall Unit List, but this confirms his connection to Hackensack by being buried within its borders since passing and forevermore.

Written by:
Bob Meli
July 1, 2017




James D. Visci Headstone Photo

This is a picture of my brother when he was in Denver in the hospital right after they discovered it (Non-hodgkin's lymphoma).

Written by his sister Barbara (Visci) Ferraioli sent July 27, 2017. 


Click here to view e-mail information she sent to George Toriello that day.


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