Jack M. Malkin


I had come across a Julius Malkin in The Bergen Evening Record news article dated
February 17, 1942 of six Hackensack young men joining the service from the same block, which is Union Street in Hackensack.  I thought Julius Malkin could have been “Jack” on the Wall Unit, but that is not the case.  Julius Malkin was not listed on the Original Wall Unit at Hackensack High School, but did graduate from Hackensack High School and is the brother of Jack M. Malkin, listed above, and who is listed on the Original Wall Unit

Both articles mention they were attorneys together in their own firm.  They both joined the service shortly after the outbreak of War and this August 2, 1945 The Bergen Evening Record news article tells of Jack M. Malkin receiving the Bronze Star during his service in the Italy campaign.   The article also mentions his brother, Julius Malkin, also received the Purple Heart during landing operations in May of 1945 on Okinawa.

What is interesting about these two men is their desire to serve and the fact that they were willing to leave their law practice to do so.  I do not know how old they were at the present time, but they had to have been in their mid to late twenties minimum to have finished law school and setup a law practice.  Jack and Julius Malkin are the perfect example of the general feeling about service during World War II: “We must serve because if not myself who?” 

Written by:
Bob Meli
September 5, 2019


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