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Click here to view April 1, 2014 e-mail Hobert V. Young sent to me upon suggestion by George Toriello, who is gathering information on 1964 fellow graduates service for their 50 year reunion. 

Hobert V. Young was from Emerson and tells some great personal stories about Joe Defalco in the April 12, 2014 e-mail (Click here to view) he sent, which also includes more thorough information on his service.  Those people who knew Joe DeFalco who became the principal of Hackensack High school during the 1990’s until 2003 will enjoy the stories.

What is so interesting about Hobert V. Young’s service is that he served two different times for two different branches of service.  His first enlistment in the service was July 1, 1964 right after graduating Hackensack High School and ended December of 1972.  Service complete for most people, Purple Heart included. 

Hobert Victor Young enlisted again, almost 20 years later, but this time in the Army because the Marines wouldn’t have him having been very grateful for his service during Vietnam.  He served in the Army from October 3, 1991 until December 6, 2006, so we thank you
Hobert Victor Young for your service.

Written by:
Bob Meli
June 2, 2014


Background image of Marines in Vietnam Da Nang obtained from: