Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo


I met Henry P. Ostaszewski at Hackensack High School during a 1964 presentation I gave for the Veterans Wall Unit. The presentation was given when they came in for a tour of Hackensack High School for their 50th year reunion in 2014. 

Joe DeFalco had given me a list of Vietnam veterans and Henry’s name was on the list, but was spelled wrong. While looking at the Wall Unit in the high school, Henry saw his name spelled incorrectly and said how common that was. I have since corrected the spelling. Henry said while growing up in Emerson, he had lived behind Joe DeFalco, the past principal of
Hackensack High School.

Henry P. Ostaszewski gave me a business card with this information on it:

Golf Co. 2nd. Batt.-9th Marines 3rd Mar. Div.
Charlie Co. 1st Batt.-3rd Marines 3rd Mar. Div.
Hq. Co. 6th Marines-2ndMarine Div. FMF,CLNC
P.I. PLT#227

Written by:
Bob Meli
August 1, 2015


Background image of Marines in Combat during Operation Hickory 1967 obtained from: