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Henry Morris Hall

Hackensack High School
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Henry Morris Hall, Jr.


On March 11, 2022, I received a veteran’s form of military service, along with a note of some specifics from
Henry Morris Hall. The time of his service started during the Vietnam War in 1969 and so that is where we have listed him.
Henry Morris Hall, Jr. service was all state side serving the safety concerns of the coast of the USA around the entire country for 20 years according to the information below.
            The form information reveals Henry Morris Hall, Jr., who lives in Salisbury, North Carolina today, attended Hackensack High School from 1963 to 1966. He joined the U.S. Coast Guard a few years later and served 20 years from October 1969 to November 1989.  Henry Morris Hall, Jr. reached the rank of GM1 (E6) Special Agent of the Coast Guard Intelligence.  For his service, Henry Morris Hall received the National Defense Medal, Coast Guard Achievement Medal, Coast Guard Unit Commendation, Good Conduct Medal, and Rifle & Pistol Expert Award.

            Henry Morris Hall, Jr. added this information on his service:

            “After my basic and advanced schools in Cape May, NJ and Governors Island, NYC, NY, I was assigned to the CGC Gentian (WLB-290), 180 Buoy Tender in Galveston, TX; sailed thru the eye of the Hurricane Celia (August 1970) on that Cutter.  Then shore tours in Galveston and Sabine Pass, Texas, Kodiak AK., and six years in Coast Guard Intelligence, San Francisco CA.  From there I was assigned for two years to the CGC Morgenthau (WHEC-722) a 378’ High Endurance Cutter in Oakland, CA. We mostly did fisheries enforcement patrols in the Bering Sea. My last two units were ashore at CG Group Offices in Southwest Harbor, Maine and Sault Marie, Michigan, for three years each. 

            Loved everywhere we went, and would do it again if they’d let me!!”  

Written by:
Bob Meli
March 12, 2022


Background image of the CGC Morgenthau (WHEC) a 378’ high Endurance Cutter off the coast of Oakland California obtained from:


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