harold roberts

Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo


Harold Roberts Info from Tersea Martin
Harold Roberts New Milford


Entered service May 1, 1942…Trained at Fort Knox, Kentucky with 8th Armored Division….Assigned to 20th Armored Division, Service Co., 27th Tank Battalion…Served in Kentucky; Tennessee; France; Holland; Belgium; Germany; Austria; California… Helped to free prisoners at Dachau, Germany…
Date of discharge December 13, 1946…
Graduated New Milford Junior High School 1928.

New Milford in World War II
Teresa M. Martin
Copyright May 30, 1947


The photograph in the background shows the prisoners lined up along the concrete ditch in front of the electric barbed wire fence on the west side of the main Dachau camp. The barbed wire fence is out of camera range on the left hand side. At the end of the row of wooden barracks is the camp greenhouse which was located where the Protestant Memorial church now stands. This photo was probably taken from the top of Guard Tower B. Notice the American flag on the top of one of the buildings obtained from:

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