On the side of the Civil War Monument at the
Hackensack Cemetery in Hackensack there is a grave plot where men who served during the Civil War and Spanish American War are buried. 

I concluded that George W. Kohler served during the Civil War because according to the inscription on the gravestone, he died on July 1, 1896, two years before the Spanish American War in 1898 at the age of 50.
  George W. Kohler would have been born in 1846, which means by 1864 he would have been 18 years old and been able to join the service or maybe even at a younger age as many did during the Civil War

Hopefully, we will find more information on his service, but what we do know is that George W. Kohler served in a Regt. of the
New Hampshire Volunteers during the Civil War and is buried in the Hackensack Cemetery on the plot next to the Civil War Monument.

This is what is readable on the Headstone:
CO. ( ? REAL) N. H. VOL.
DIED JULY 1, 1896

Where the question mark is it looks like a I, O, or maybe a G and the word “REAL” is probably REGT. but has worn over the years.
Let us never forget the soldiers sacrifice.

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Written by:

Bob Meli
September 22, 2012


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