George Sellarole, Sr.

Rollover above image to view United States Coast Guard ship in 1918 similar to the ship George Sellarole, Sr. had served on.



George Sellarole, Sr. had quite a sense of humor while serving aboard
a ship like the one above. During World War I, he would say,
"While I served in the Coast Guard during the Great War, patroling the waters of the east coast by Boston Harbor, the Germans never attacked Boston Harbor." With a smile, he would say, "We did our job."


George Sellarole, Sr. was in the United States Coast Guard as a
Chief Petty officer during World War I 1917-1918. He is the father of:

George Sellarole Jr.,
Robert Sellarole,
Theodore "Ted" Sellarole,
Kathryn (Kay) Sellarole-Padovano
the wife of Carl Padovano.


Record Article January 29, 1944 (Recopied)

Actual Record Article of 1944


Family Photo

Wall Unit Display


George Sellarole, Jr.

Robert Sellarole

Theodore "Ted" Sellarole

George Sellarole Sr.'s grandsons are:

George B. Sellarole

Gary Sellarole