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George Sellarole, Jr. – born February 19, 1921

These are captions that were taken from a Photo Album of
George Sellarole's which chronicles his time in service

Inducted into Army April 1, 1941. Stationed Fort Eustis, Virginia.

George said he joined the service because he felt he would be drafted anyway. He enlisted with John Spellman, whose name is also on the wall. Phillip DeBlasio was also at Fort Eustis with John and George and is also on wall. Phil may have served with George throughout War.

They received $21.00 a month pay at camp Eustis, Virginia.

68th AAA Gun Battalion maneuvers in New England in June, 1941.

Maneuvers South Carolina July, 1941.

Left Staten Island November 2, 1942 on ship called Count Bianco
for Europe at 3:30am.

Arrived in Casablanca Africa November 19, 1942 4:00pm. Set up Guns.

Left Bizerte Africa August 8, 1943 Landed in Sicily, Palermo
August 9, 1943.

Left Sicily November 9, 1943 arrived Naples Italy November 10, 1943 arrived in Casino November 13, 1943.

January 11, 1944 visited mothers family Decrosta and uncle Martini's family in town of LaGuardia San Framondi, Italy. Visited the Vaccarella.

January 29, 1944 article is in The Record newspaper about the visit.

Invasion of Anzio January 26, 1944.

Moved from Anzio to Civittavicchio Italy June 9, 1944.

July 5, 1944 left Civittavicchio for bivawack area near Pompi
and Salerno.

August 15, 1944 invasion of southern France –in Contes France– Suspe France had Gun position in the Alps.

March 16, 1945 left Nice France for Germany.

April 7, 1945 arrived Hidelburgh Germany.Took guns away pulling
guard duty.

May 2, 1945 War is over in Europe.

August 18, 1945 left Hidelburgh Germany for LaHarve France.

September 7, 1945 left LaHarve France September 15, 1945 docked at Staten Island U.S.A. Went to camp Kilmer then to Fort Dix.

September 22, 1945 discharged from Army.

The ship we came home on was called the E. R. Alexandria.

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This is the Abbey Montecassino, Italy before the bombing

(Rollover image to see the break through at the Abbey)



George Sellarole, Sr.


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