Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo

CDR George Monroe Wrocklage
Photo thanks to Bill Gonyo

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On January 5, 2012, William Wrocklage, who graduated from Hackensack High School in 1946 and served in the Army just after graduation from 1946 to 1948, sent us this information
about his cousin.

George M. Wrocklage via e-mail on 1/5/2012

I found this information about my cousin on the World Wide Web:

George Monroe Wrocklage

Born September 1920 in Hackensack, N.J.

Graduated from HHS in 1938

Attended the Newark College on Engineering for two years prior to his entering the U.S. Naval Academy in 1940.  He was graduated and commissioned in June of 1943.  Until March 1946 Commander Wrocklage served aboard the KIDD (DD661) in the Pacific Theater, taking part in the campaigns in the Gilberts, Marshals, Marianas, Philippines, and at Okinawa.  Subsequent to World War II he completed post-graduate training in electronics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and from 1948 to 1950 served on the staff of Commander Destroyer Squadron 12 as Operations and Gunnery Commander. 

Shortly after the outbreak of the Korean conflict, Commander Wrocklage took command of the LS.MR_404 operating in support of the United Nations force in Korea.

Commander Wrocklage served with the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project at Sandia Base, New Mexico, and at Clarksville Base Tennessee from 1952 to 1954.  In 1954, he returned to sea as Executive Officer of the GOODRICH (DDR831) from there he went to command the KYNE (DE744) in May 1966.  From 1957 to 1960, Commander Wrocklage was on duty in the Surface Warfare Division of the Office of Chief of Naval Operations, leaving to attend the Armed Forces Staff College in February 1960.     

William "Bill" Wrocklage Class of 1946


Note: William Wrocklage mentioned that he got this information on his cousin off of the web, but did not give us the link he got the information from.  It appears he had copied the information.  The information reveals that
George M. Wrocklage was a officer of high command in the
United States Navy, starting with extensive service in the Pacific Theater during World War II and continuing during the Korean conflict and ending in 1966 during the Vietnam War.  George M. Wrocklage appears to be a veteran who we will continue to find information about as the years go by. 

Note written by:
Bob Meli
February 12, 2012


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