George E Hedges


George E. Hedges

George E. Hedges


          Click here to view the letter of condolence printed in the Evening Record newspaper on November 30, 1918, written by George E. Hedges to the parents of Eugene Breen, signed by other men while in France with the 114th Infantry.

I had raised the question under the 8th article on Eugene Breen’s page whether George E. Hedges was related to a George Hedges class of 1973, whom I graduated with, and the answer is yes. George E. Hedges, class of 1973, happened to see the website and the same question.  He contacted me and said that George E. Hedges, who wrote the letter, is his grandfather’s brother. 

George E. Hedges served as a Hackensack Firemen after the Great War.

Written by:
Bob Meli
June 7, 2013


Click here to view Army Field message sent the following morning by Edward Lambert to George E. Hedges reporting on Harry Doremus’s death.

Click here to view George E. Hedges Field Desk photo.

Click here to view the Photo of Officers.

Click here to view George E. Hedges Silver Star Citation.

Click here to view The Bergen Evening Record photo dated January 29, 1942, which was only a little over a month after Pearl Harbor, which mentions in its caption that George E. Hedges’ wife, who is addressed as, Mrs. George E. Hedges, was the general chairperson of a fund raiser for the Red Cross.    

Click here to view a photo and article recording George E. Hedges’ letter sent to Cyrus Brook’s mother in the PATERSON MORNING CALL newspaper on February 15, 1919 on Private Cyrus Brook’s death,
who was a runner for Captain Doremus


Background image of men of the 18th Infantry patrolling through the deep mud covering a road to La Gros Faux through the Argonne woods. Signal Corps photo courtesy of the McCormick Research Center obtained from: