Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo

Note: Joe Defalco sat in front of me in homeroom for the 3 years when I was at Hackensack High School. 
If memory serves me correctly, he was a football player, knew everyone, and was a great guy. 

I joined the Navy Reserves in October 1961 while still in
Hackensack High School. I went to meetings weekly and attended two weeks of Boot Camp in the Great Lakes during the February school break. 

After graduation, I served on active duty for two years. 

I served on the USNS Pvt. Joe F. Veldez for 13 months and was on the ship when President Kennedy was killed and when North Vietnam attacked our Navy Ship off the coast of Vietnam in 1964. 

I later spent time in Laos as a Civilian Communications Officer working for the government.

Material Written by: George E. Fontaine, Jr.

Recorded by:
Bob Meli
June 26, 2011

Background image of the U.S.S. Winston AKA 94 in 1964 off the cost of Vietnam obtained from: