On Sunday November 25, 2018, George Toriello sent me, Bob Meli, this researched material on
George Covals, whose name was on the original Wall Unit with a star next to it. 

This reveals his having attended Hackensack High School and having given the supreme sacrifice during his service in the Army.  His original name was George Covalsky, who is listed on The World War II Plaque at City Hall in Hackensack, as giving his life while serving in the Army. 

An interesting note is he is not on the 1946 yearbook “Dedication Page” under either name, which could mean they did not know he was KIA at the time because everyone knew him as Covals in high school and his name came back as Covalsky, who no one would have recognized as the same person that close to events at the time without an explanation.

George Covals received the Purple Heart.

Let us always be grateful for his sacrifice.

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George Covals-Covalsky Grave Marker
Washington Cemetery Paramus, NJ



Background image of 88th Army Infantry in Italy obtained from: