Gary Terzano 1966 Yearbook Photo

Hackensack High School
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Note: This is e-mail was sent to me (Bob Meli) by Fred Puglisi about
Gary Terzano’s service on February 25, 2014. 

Gary graduated in 1966 and after a year or so he joined the Army and was sent to Vietnam. My sister, Edith Puglisi, graduated the same year and were boyfriend/girlfriend in HHS. I know he was a Sergeant.

For more info please email Gary.

Written by:
Bob Meli
June 24, 2015


Gary Terzano has been so helpful in furnishing material on veterans for several years now.  I finally realized we had little information on him.  We posted the brief e-mail from Fred Puglisi above just so we could recognize his service. 

Then over a year later, this is the information Gary Terzano sent on
May 28, 2015 about his service during the Vietnam War.  We at Hackensack want to thank Gary Terzano for his service and for the help he has given in supplying information about so many veterans for this website over the years.

Information sent by Gary Terzano May 28, 2015:

 Drafted into the Army in 1968
Served 2 years from 1968-1970
1 tour in Vietnam 1969-1970
Buck Sgt. Infantry Mortar Squad Leader
1/327 Infantry Battalion
1st Brigade
101 St Airborne Division

Scope of missions: To defend the sector known as "I Corp" and the city of Hue.


Background image of the City of Hue, Vietnam obtained from: