Army Air Force


        I met Gary Boyd at First Baptist Church in Hackensack during 2020, the year of the Covet 19 Virus.  I asked Gary Boyd if he had gone to Hackensack High School and if he had served in the military. This is the information Gary Boyd shared with me:

          Gary Boyd graduated Hackensack High School in 1967.  Knowing he would be drafted after high school, he decided to join the Army Air Force.  From 1967 to the fall of 1968, he trained at Lackland-Air Force base in San Antonio Texas and then went to Tyndall-Air Force base located 12 miles east from Panama City Florida, where he trained and began serving as a Military Air Police. 

          Gary Boyd was sent overseas in the fall of 1968 and throughout 1969 to Vietnam where he worked security in Saigon for a short time. Gary Boyd was mainly stationed at the Bien Hoa Air Base where he worked security with a main responsibility of guarding the F-100s fighter Jets.

          In the winter of 1969 to 1970, Gary Boyd was sent back to the state of Maine to Loring Air Force Base where it was extremely cold.  Gary Boyd’s duties there, besides security was the guarding of planes and equipment for transport on the large B52 Planes. The 42nd Bomb Wing was the host unit at Loring Air Force Base from 1953 until 1994, supporting national security objectives with mission-ready B-52G Stratofortresses, and KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft.

          Gary Boyd was sent to his last tour of duty in Thailand in 1971, where Gary Boyd was discharged from the Army Air Force, after four years of service at the rank of Sergeant. 

Written by:
Bob Meli
July 15, 2020


Background image of Bien-Hoa Airbase in Vietnam with F 100’s Jets on the airbase obtained from: