G. Robert Parker

G. Robert Parker
Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo


Name:  G. Robert Parker
Resident of:  Rochelle Park, NJ (Since 1923 to May 10, 2011)
: 1936 - Midland School , Rochelle Park
1940 - Hackensack High School
Military:  U.S. Army - Rank: SGT (T-4)
Inducted: Feb 1943   

         Locations: USA : (Approx 1 year) - Fort Dix , Camp Wheeler (GA), Fort Benning (GA), Fort Ord (CA), and Fort McDowell (CA)

         Overseas: (Approx 2 years) Brisbane ( Australia ), New Guinea, Biak Island (Dutch East Indies), Philippines and Yokohama/Tokyo

                 Note:  From Oakland, CA to Brisbane by boat took 17 days.  By military
C-54, 4 engine prop, Tokyo to San Francisco took 40 hours in the air, with several stops - Wake, Guam, Johnston Island and  Honolulu. Last leg took 12 hours. 

Discharged: Jan 1946

Above information written by G. Robert Parker 2008


Background image of a World War II Army C54 Prop Plane obtained from


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May 10, 2011