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  Fred Himmel received the
“Cordon of Croix de Guerre” given to his regiment for valorous action
while serving along side French troops. But what
caught my attention most was the one comment he
made in his letter home, “But I am doing it for you
all that this race of ours will progress.”
Don't ever
think that expressing your opinion doesn't matter.
Sometimes one statement speaks volumes.
What follows on the web page titled
The American Negro in the World War is information which will shed some light on Fred Himmel's war experience.

Let us never forget the soldiers sacrifice. 

1- The American Negro in the World War, author Emmett J. Scott, June 15, 1919
2 - Way Down South up North, author E. Frederic Morrow, copyright 1973
3-Wikipedia on the movie Birth of a Nation , by D.W.Griffith released Feb. 8 1915

Written by:
Bob Meli
March 22, 2008


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Wilson kept the U.S. military segregated during World War I, and frequently kept African-American units out of combat. The soldiers pictured here were an exception: they served in combat and were honored for valor obtained from: