The photo above of Fred Fischer, was taken on September 30, 1917, just after his arrival at Camp McClellan.

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Photo and caption supplied by George Hedges Class of 1973

          The 1918 Hackensack High School yearbook has a
“Senior Honor Roll” list, which we have just discovered, of five students who they paid tribute to for joining the service.

Click here to view the "Senior Honor Roll" list.

Among those five names is Fred Fischer. On the Honor Roll list which was in the paper on October 5, 1918, his name does not appear, although there are obvious confusions in spelling of names. We know that Fred Fischer was already in the service by this tribute to him in the yearbook, although we do not know where, or the branch of service he was in. 

We thank Fred Fischer for his service wherever he may have been.       

Written by:
Bob Meli
April 20, 2013



Background image of Hackensack High School in 1916 obtained from: