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George Toriello on December 9, 2017, this is what he found out about
Frank W. Brancato's service:

        Frank W. Brancato served in the United States Army as a
Private First Class with the 84th Chemical Battalion.  He died on October 6, 1944 for which he received the Purple Heart.

He is buried in Florence American Cemetery in Impruneta, Italy. 
This cemetery is just outside the famous city of Florence, Italy and is known as Florence American Cemetery. In this beautiful setting rest the remains of more than 4,400 American men and women.
Most died in fighting after the capture of Rome in June 1944.

According to the 1940 Federal census, Frank W. Brancato was born in 1922, and lived on 113 Hyler Street in Hackensack with his
Father, William, and his Mother, Josephine. They show this address on his interment records. 

Let us never forget the soldiers sacrifice.

Written by:
Bob Meli
January 6, 2018

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