Frank R. Kerbl


Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo


This e-mail was sent to me by Barbara Gooding on August 21, 2013. Ed Acciardi is the creator of the Blue and Gold scholarship fund and the donation was sent to the scholarship fund. Barbara Gooding is the head director of the scholarship fund at this time August 24, 2013.

Hi Bob,

Hugh McKenna sent a donation to Ed Acciardi and happened to send in the info on
Captain Frank R. Kerbl. I wrote the contact info on Hugh to you so perhaps you can have him give you more info. Maybe just have him go on-line to your Veteran's site and supply the information you'd like. I honestly can't understand the connection between Hugh and Captain Frank R Kerbl but that could be what Hugh could explain. Hope my reply helps!



Recorded by:

Bob Meli
August 24, 2013

Click here to view Frank R. Kerbl's prayer card.

The prayer card may mean that his body
was repatriated to the United States and
Frank R. Kerbl’s is buried in a local cemetery. The letter is from Hugh McKenna class of 1955 and I do not know his connection to Frank R. Kerbl other then he has cared enough all these years later to make mention of him to us so Frank R. Kerbl may
be remembered for his sacrifice.

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