George Toriello sent me this material on February 21, 2020 on Frank G. Kruse. His name is not on the original Honor Roll List, in The Evening Record Newspaper October 5, 1918, but he is on the World War I Plaque at the Hackensack Library, written as F. G. Kruse. 

Frank G. Kruse military records show he was born in Union, NJ and upon his death; he lived at 734 Hackensack Plank Road in Union, NJ.  I do not know his connection to Hackensack at this time. He could have been married to a person from town or had lived in Hackensack, but not registered that address, or the connection to the regiment overseas, but what we do know is the people of Hackensack recognized his sacrifice by including his name on the World War I Plaque at Hackensack Library.
          Frank G. Kruse was inducted into the Army on February 25, 1918. He started his service overseas in France on June 6, 1918 with Company A 310th Infantry Regiment 78th Infantry Division.  Frank G. Kruse served in Saint Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, and Loriane 1918 campaigns according Army Records. On September 25, 1918 while fighting in France,

Frank G. Kruse was Killed in Action at the age of 22, for which he would have received a
Purple Heart
Click here to view Frank G. Kruse World War I Casualties: Descriptive Card and Photograph.

Written by:
Bob Meli
April 15, 2020


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