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Francis Paul Oddo
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Francis Paul Oddo



Francis Paul Oddo is Josephine Pastore’s father. Josephine Pastore was a beloved teacher and Guidance Counselor at Hackensack High School for almost 40 years, starting in the early 1970’s until 2010.  This is the information she passed on to us in 2010 about her father, who had passed on years earlier.  Josephine Pastore said she did not know the awards or medals he may have received.  She did know that her father, Francis Paul Oddo, attended Hackensack High School from 1929 until 1932 when he graduated.  After high school, he attended Rutgers University and graduated from their Pharmacy College in 1937.  Francis Paul Oddo joined the Army about two plus years before the outbreak of World War II in 1939.  He was in the Medical Unit and rose to the rank of Staff Sergeant.  Francis Paul Oddo served until 1943 and was honorably discharged.  

By Bob Meli May 2011