Francis L Wisniewski


This is material sent by George Toriello on November 21, 2017, it is brief and to the point. 

With all the sacrifice the families with this name endured this must have been hard happening state side.  The other possible family members are:
William Wisniewski, Raymond P. Wisniewski, and Paul J. Wisniewski

Let us never forget the family’s sacrifice.

2nd LT. WISNIEWSKI, Francis Leonard 
b. 10/4/1922 
1940 Fed Census @ #36 Grant Pl. Hack.

Army Air Force
d. 7/14/1943 ~ Killed in an aircraft accident, Army Air Base, Pyote, Texas

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George Toriello noted: “There were over 400 veterans who served in
World War II with the surname of Wisniewski!! Several dozen were KIA!!”

Record by:
Bob Meli
June 15, 2018


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