Ernest Keahey


This is a man whom I did not know, but his obituary says “Ernest C, of Hackensack.”

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The obituary goes on to state he graduated from Boys Town, not Hackensack High School, and I do not know as of August 23, 2014, if he attended Hackensack Schools.  Ernest C. Keahey, according to the obituary, says he served in the Marines during the Korean War and was a Fire Fighter for Hackensack for 28 years.   He was a past Commander of the Harry Doremus Post #55 American Legion and a host of other Hackensack organizations. 

          Boys Town was a school for orphaned or troubled youth from broken homes located in the state of Nebraska.  It was started in 1917 by a Catholic Priest named Father Edward J. Flanagan.  There is a famous 1938 movie made about the school with Spencer Tracy playing father Flanagan and Mickey Rooney the wayward young boy.  In 1943 Boys Town used the logo of an older boy carrying a younger and it said “He ain’t heavy, father He’s m’ Brother.”  The famous British group the ‘Holly’s’ recorded a civil rights song in 1969
“He ain’t Heavy he’s my Brother” which may have been inspired by the poster. 

Ernest C. Keahey was married for 59 years before he passed away surrounded by his loving family. 
Ernst C. Keahey had come a long way from Boys Town and was one of the many success stories of that place.
He called Hackensack his home and the town was truly blessed by him according to his obituary.   

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Written by:
Bob Meli
August 23, 2014



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