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Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo

Emanuel (Skip) Jordano graduated from Hackensack High School in 1965. 
“Skip” Jordano is a Navy Combat Veteran, who served from 1965-1966 in Vietnam with the Naval Support Group in Da-Nang, doing river patrols etc.  The Main Base
“Skip” Jordano served from while in Vietnam was the White Elephant and
Camp Tien-Sha in Da-Nang. Emanuel “Skip” Jordano after serving in Vietnam was stationed in Brooklyn Navy Station as an instructor towards the end of his service. Emanuel “Skip” Jordano, was Honorably Discharged after his service
in Brooklyn as an instructor.
Emanuel “Skip” Jordano was a E-4 (Electrical Mate) and he received the
National Defense Medal, Vietnam Campaign Medal, Vietnam Service Medal, and a Unit Citation for his service. 
Emanuel “Skip” Jordano joined the Hackensack Police Department in 1969 and he is
co-founder of “JORDANO ELECTRIC COMPANY” on Hudson Street in Hackensack. Emanuel “Skip” Jordano is retired now (2011) and is living in Florida and is a
Veterans Service Officer with the DAV.

White Elephant
White Elephant in Da-Nang.

Camp Tien Sha
Camp Tien-Sha in Da-Nang.


Click here to view The Record obituary article of October 16, 2014,
which tells of Emanuel’s Naval service and of his passing at the age of 68.