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Click here to view Friday December 29, 1905 The Evening Record article reporting on Nelson Haas’s passing and the many students he helped to pass entrance exams to the Naval Academy and West Point.
Ellsworth P. Bertholf was one of those names listed, and briefly mentions his work in Alaska in this article.

Click here to view January 6, 1906 article continued reporting and paying tribute to Nelson Haas where it again mentions Ellsworth P. Bertholf as someone he tutored. In this article it expounds more on what exactly Ellsworth Bertholf did, which was to help rescue ice bound Whalers in frozen northern Alaska.

The events in Alaska of March 1898, is a very interesting story which was a very well known event at the time. Ellsworth P. Bertholf had an extraordinary Naval career and was very influential in the formation of what we now call the Coast Guard. Click here to view information on Ellsworth P. Bertholf and his service taken from Arlington National Cemetary web site:

Click here to view photo of the ship he was on, the ‘CUTTER BEAR’. 
For this dangerous expedition Ellsworth P. Bertholf received a special
Congressional Gold Medal.

He is posted under the Spanish American War because that is the conflict going on during his service.

An interesting note:
Lee K. Crusius,
a 2002 Hackensack High School graduate, was also involved with a rescue in Alaska in the Bering Sea while serving in the Coast Guard, which Ellsworth P. Bertholf, another Hackensack educated student from the 1880’s, was instrumental in the establishment of the Coast Guard. Click here to view.

Written by:
Bob Meli
September 5, 2014


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