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Alice Root is listed on the Original Wall Unit at Hackensack High School, along with these other women, revealing their service in one of the Branches of the United States Military during World War II.

The women are: Alice Root, Barbara Perrine, Bernice Stevenson, Eleanor Pfeiffer, Irene Barnes,
Jeanne Barlow, Elizabeth Kingsley, Geraldine Eckhardt, and Bernice Preen. All are listed in that order on the first row of the Veterans Wall Unit at Hackensack High School.

Anita Faller was another woman not listed on the Wall Unit who graduated Hackensack High School and we do have a record of her service.

There may be many others, but this is what we have recorded thus far.

I have no other information on Eleanor Pfeiffer's service at this time.

Written by:
Bob Meli
May 5, 2019


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