Donald Reichert
Hackensack High School
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Donald Reichert sent me this e-mail on October 8, 2012 about his military service, upon request from Judy Siver, 1962 Hackensack High School Alumni, who is helping to gather information on people from her graduating class.
Hello Bob, Judy sent me!

I’m one of the teenagers... November 10th 2012....  She wanted me to give you some information about me and Uncle Sam.

I, along with other college alumni, entered the US Army on June 25, 1968.  We were drafted to replenish troops in Vietnam.  Along the way during the 8 week training course, some of us were queried about projects taking place even at the Fort in Fayetteville, North Carolina.  The questions concerned electronic aptitude.    

After graduation from boot camp, me and five others were sent to bases within the United States, while all the rest of us continued at separate forts for further military training. 

I was deployed to Fort Carson in Colorado as a training tech for military folk that wished to do repair on personal electronic devices.  I spent my term in Fort Carson as a Spec 4 rank doing repair and whatever instruction ordered.

My ETS papers had my departure date in 1974.

Note: earning a degree in my college elective, I returned to college to finish necessary credits for my degree in Electrical Engineering.

“Have I done my duty Sir?” “Atten-tion!”


Written by:
Bob Meli
October 14, 2012



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