Hackensack High School
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        Felice Tatgenhorst had received an email from Principal James Montesano in December 2018 stating information he had received from David A. Suescun’s mother informing the people at Hackensack High School that David A. Suescun, a recent 2017 graduate, had died in a car crash in Virginia while he was serving in the U.S. Navy.  A former student of Felice Tatgenhorst, David A. Suescun had made the rank of Fire Controlman in March and was stationed at the
Naval Surface Warfare Center in Dahlgren, Virginia. 

Felice Tatgenhorst, Web Design teacher at HHS, students, staff, and I have read of such incidents happening to servicemen that are totally unrelated to their service, but are no less tragic, especially at this young age. 
Let us always be grateful for their service. 

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Written by:
Bob Meli
December 10, 2019


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