Clarence R. Long writes of his first real engagement of his Division against the German enemy that had spent years on the front and were battle hardened. The fighting in the Argonne Forest against fresh American troops proved to be the tipping point that brought Germany to the Peace table.
Click here to view the Evening Record, November 30, 1918 article which printed the letter that Clarence R. Long sent to a friend in Hackensack.


Another article which was in the Evening Record on
December 3, 1918, printed a letter from Roy Long, which I believe to be Clarence R. Long. It was much more common at the time to use your middle name. On the Honor Roll list his name is listed
C. R. Long.  In both letters, he mentions meeting Joe Murray,
Bill Wray, and Al Kovar on way to front. If they are two different people so be it the experience, which is explained in the letters are very similar and give us a personal view of the men at the front during World War I.

Written by:
Bob Meli
August 9, 2011


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