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The Evening Record
July 14, 1917

The Evening Record
June 15, 1918

The Evening Record
June 15, 1918

The Evening Record
June 29, 1918


HACKENSACK BOY KILLED IN ACTION: June 15, 1918; This was the top headline on
The Record newspaper that day.

LIEUT. CLARENCE A. DENNIS, OF HACKENSACK KILLED IN ACTION: June 15, 1918 This was the article heading:

Clarence A. Dennis lived on 161 Euclid Avenue and attended Fairmount School. According to the article he went to college in 1909 at the age of only 13. If the article is correct in time line he graduated from college at the age of 21 in 1917. He was very popular in Hackensack.

Clarence A. Dennis' name is on the plaque at the Hackensack Public Library, honoring the men from Hackensack who died during the Great War. The plaque was dedicated just after the Great War by the

Clarence A. Dennis was killed in action on June 7, 1918, according to the article, during the battle of
Chateau Thierry. The article says he was the youngest Marine officer at the age of 22, in the country but I do not know if this was fact, and the article does not state it as fact but rather "WAS SAID". Never the less he was very young to hold such a position and to lead a charge during such a battle. Let us never forget this Marine's sacrifice.


Two weeks after Clarence Dennis was reported having been killed in action an article about a Marine
Billy Pince, another Hackensack young man is wounded during the battle of Chateau Thierry. The article takes note that Marine Lieut. Dennis had been killed in action during the same battle.

HOW LIEUT. DENNIS MET HIS DEATH; Sergt. Major Quick of Marines Pays High Tribute to Local Hero October 18, 1918:

This is a letter sent to Clarence Dennis's Parent's who lived on 161 Euclid Avenue in Hackensack. The letter explains in graphic detail the circumstances which Clarence Dennis was involved in on the battlefield the day of his death. He was killed in action on June 8, 1918 according to the article, a one day difference from previous article. This letter being received by his parents over four months later explains how he was killed while being carried off the battle field by an exploding shell.

Let us never forget the Marines sacrifice.


This brief note mentions Clarence A. Dennis' brother, Whitney Dennis, who had joined the service also.

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Written by:
Bob Meli
June 25, 2009


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