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On November 29, 2018, George Toriello sent researched information he found on <> about Bradford King Root.

Bradford King Root was born in California on April 4, 2017. By 1940, they had moved according to the 1940 Federal census, which shows Bradford King Root was living at 124 Forest Place, Rochelle Park, New Jersey, with his father and mother,
Henry and Rowena, and his sister Alice

Rochelle Park students attended Hackensack High School in the 1930’s as they still do today, and Bradford King Root graduated from Hackensack High School in 1938.  Bradford King Root’s name is not on the Plaque at Hackensack City Hall, because he did not live in Hackensack, but his name is listed on the
1946 Dedication page in the Hackensack High School yearbook because he
went to Hackensack High School.

Bradford King Root enlisted in the Army Air Force on January 26, 1941, before America was attacked at Pearl Harbor on December 7,1941, which prompted our entering the war.  While training to be a glider pilot, Bradford King Root died in a plane crash at the Army Air Force Glider School, Delhart, Texas on
January 25, 1943.

Click here to view the newspaper article, which appeared in the
Amarillo Globe newspaper on January 26, 1943 reporting on the accident.

Written by:
Bob Meli
December 5, 2018


Background image of Cargo glider [Chalk 3] of the 439th Troop Carrier Group takes off from an air base somewhere in France [Châteaudun A-39] [27] December 1944, obtained from: