George Toriello sent me e-mails on June 5 and 6 of 2017, stating that his Uncle Bostafatano “Gus” A. Fazio was born in Little Italy, but his parents were living in Hackensack at 43 West Street in Hackensack or moved there shortly after his birth in 1925. According to 1940 Federal Census records, “Gus” Fazio’s father and mother lived in Hackensack at some point in 1925.  In 1931, records show his mom, Angelina, and dad, Angelo, had moved to 95 Kansas Street Hackensack and he would have attended Broadway School.  

Bostafatano “Gus” Fazio was repatriated to America after being Killed in Action on 5/15/1945 to St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Hackensack,
New Jersey.  Bostafano most likely was KIA while fighting to liberate the Philippine Islands with the 132 Infantry Division.  The war in Europe had ended on May 7, 1945, but the war against the Japanese was still raging.

Let us never forget the soldiers sacrifice.

Written by:
Bob Meli
June 14, 2017

Click here to view gravestone at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Hackensack.



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