This information was sent to Douglas Garofalo from Bart Costa.  He requested information from Bart Costa on his service during the Korean War

Bart Costa writes that I knew him, and that he and his family were friends of my father.  My father, Tom Meli, knew the Costa’s very well, but I was very young when I was in Costa’s Store on Hudson Street. I knew them, but not well, because they were those “older guys”, who cooked in the back and ran the store. Anyway, here is what he writes in the email at age 90 years old:

From: Bart Costa
To: Douglas Garofalo
Sent: Friday, November 12, 2021
Subject: Re: Meeting Reminder and Veterans Day recap

Hi. You can forward. My name {Bart Costa} to HHS Korean War. Vet 1953/54, (US Army history, after basic training, Special Forces. US. Honor Guard Fort. Myers. Arlington Cemetery), combat Infantry 3rd Div., 8th Army Honor Guard-later selected by General Maxwell D. Tayler  8th…Army commander **** As His Body Guard/Driver.

1950-{Note-would have been when he was attending HHS between 1948-1950}

Thank you. My Birthday is in few weeks.  12/2/31, 90.
Bob Meli. Will Remember Me, His Father was a good friend of me and the Family. 

Bart J. Costa
7 So.Bayard Lane
Mahwah NJ
Member, Ramsey VFW, Waldwick, American Legion.

Written by:
Bob Meli
March 5, 2022


Background image of 8th Army Honor Guard during Korea obtained from: