Anthony Thomas Parisi baseball photo
            The photo above and below along with the written material in quotes was sent by Gary Parisi, a 1973 graduate of Hackensack High School, who played shortstop for Hackensack in 1973.  He helped lead them to 2nd in the NNJIL and all the way to the Bergen County finals having key RBIs in the semi-final game against Fair Lawn. 

His father was my Little League coach and loved baseball and Joe DiMaggio, as my father, Tom Meli, and most Italians did at the time.  We won our division championship in 1966 and 1967 as both 11 and 12 year olds in Little League with former Hackensack Baseball coach, Richard Mauriello… hitting two, 2-run homeruns with me on base, one to tie in the bottom of the sixth inning and one to win in the bottom of the tenth inning to win the game.  His father, Joseph Mauriello, was the assistant Little League coach who was involved with the invasion of Anzio Beach in Italy during World War II.  They were great times and fond memories for all of us who were on those Little League teams that Anthony Thomas Parisi managed along with Joseph Mauriello.
            Here is what Gary Parisi, Anthony Thomas Parisis son, has to say about these two photos:      
            “Thanks Bob, this is the only old picture I have.  I used to bust his chops about it. You can see the ball down by his foot.  I would say, what the heck are you swinging up top for if the ball is down low.  And obviously, he told me that he fouled it off. I sure hope so. LOL

            I found this picture years ago. He was on the PC-818 ship in the Aleutian Islands.  Anthony Thomas Parisi April 27, 1922 to November 23, 1984.  I think he went to HHS from 1936-1939.  He was the oldest of five boys, so like a lot of other guys he had to quit high school and get a job to help out.  He grew up in downtown Hackensack.  One of the streets by Saint Francis Church.  Not sure when they moved to Catalpa.”  

Anthony Thomas Parisi ship photo 

This PC-818 ship known as a Submarine Chaser. Anthony Thomas Parisi served on during World War II by the Aleutian Islands

Click here to view material researched on Anthony Thomas Parisi from Census and Military records by
George Toriello on May 3, 2020.

Written by:
Bob Meli
May 3, 2020


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