Click here to view The Record obituary article dated April 7, 2016, telling of Anthony J. Maglio being raised in Hackensack and serving in the Army Reserves. The article also states that Anthony J. Maglio worked for
The Record newspaper, which was headquartered in Hackensack at the time. 
The Record building was there for 36 years.

I have listed him under Vietnam assuming he went into the Army Reserves
out of high school around 1964.

There is a Jim Maglio on our Vietnam list, which was acquired when the then principal, Joe Defalco, had students bring in names of veterans from the Vietnam War for project graduation around 2002. 

Anthony J. Maglio could have been known as “Jim” because the middle initial could represent “J” for “Jim”, but I have no way of knowing as of now. So, we will add him to our list as his name is written in the obituary article.       

Written by:
Bob Meli
April 16, 2016


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