Bergen Evening Record
Mid-Century and Anniversary Edition
June 9, 1950
gar vets
G.A.R. Vets of Civil War June 9, 1950


To be a G.A.R. {Grand Army of the Republic} member meant you were a veteran of the
Civil War. There was no one at the Bergen Evening Record on June 9, 1950 that knew when this photo was taken, but they did have their names on the caption. The men in the photo appear to be older and in their 60’s and above which if in 1860 they were young teenagers would mean by 1900 they were in their 50’s. so the photo could have been as early as the turn of the century or taken sometime in the early “19-teens” or early 1920’s.  According to the caption “Brinkerhoff”, assuming that is his last name, is the sixth person when viewing from left to right in the photo.  I have no other information on his service at this time.
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Written by:
Bob Meli
February 16, 2018


Background image of recruiting poster during the Civil War obtained from: