Alfred K. Bliss

Hackensack High School
Yearbook Photo

   I was working on a New Milford Sports Hall of Fame Committee and was requesting material on sporting events in 2004.That is when I spoke to Alfred Bliss, who sent me material on New Milford sports before World War II when it was just the
Junior High School. New Milford students would then go to Hackensack High School.

As we talked, Alfred Bliss took note of my name and asked if I knew a Phil Meli. I told him she was my aunt. Alfred Bliss told me he never had the nerve to ask my aunt out, but he carried her picture while serving in the Pacific Theater through the battle of Tarawa and other battles. He even marked the back of the photo when he heard she got married. 

Alfred Bliss is the man who sent the local news articles, that are not dated, but he had saved them in his scrapbook of his friends and family from New Milford.
Alfred Bliss has since passed away and so many questions go unanswered, but below is the material he did send to us about his service.

Keith Bliss, Alfred Bliss’s son, told me Alfred Bliss was on the Wisconsin when the signing took place in Tokyo Bay to end the War in the Pacific.

Written by:
Bob Meli
August 21, 2011


Alfred Bliss New Millford Info from Tersea Martin
Alfred Bliss New Milford


Entered service January 1, 1943…
Trained at Fort Eustis, Virginia… Assigned to
98 Anti – Aircraft Gun Bn. Artillery.. Served at Fort Eustis, Virginia;  Oehu, T.H.; Marshal Islands; Caroline Islands;
Mekin Atoll; Gilbert Islands; Ellice Islands; Okinawa; Ryncales..


Two Bronze Battle Stars, American Theatre and South Pacific Ribbon……Saw Jap Peace Delegation land at Ie Shima……Received Victory and Good Conduct Ribbons……
Met Gunter Bliss, Bob Burns and Ray Olivucci inHawaii…..Date of Discharge January 11, 1946….. Graduated
New Milford Junior High School June 1939.




Background image of U.S.S. Wisconsin in Pearl Harbor alongside hulk of U.S.S. Oklahoma obtained from: