Click here to view the September 19, 2009 obituary article in The Record newspaper which mentions that Albert A. Newman served in the Navy during
World War II.  The obituary states that he graduated from
Stevens Institute in 1949 and he was a lifelong resident of Hackensack. 

Having served in World War II, he must have graduated from
Hackensack High School before or during the war and used a GI loan to go to college after the War most likely.  I have no way of knowing when, or for certain, if Albert A. Newman graduated from
Hackensack High School, but being a lifelong resident, he must have at some point attended the Hackensack School system and erring on the side of gratefulness for his service to both the community of Hackensack and the country, we will thank him for his service.

We thank Albert A. Newman for his service.

Written by:
Bob Meli
July 30, 2013

Background image of the World War II Navy Insignia obtained from: