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Republic of Vietnam (RVN) Gallantry Cross Medal with Palm

A military decoration of South Vietnam established in August 1950. Awarded to any U.S. military personnel who have accomplished deeds of valor or displayed heroic conduct while fighting an enemy force. The medal is issued in four degrees with the basic medal followed by higher degrees the result of personal citations on an organizational level (also known as having been "mentioned in dispatches"). The degrees are as follows: Gallantry Cross with Palm (Individual Award); Gallantry Cross with Bronze Star (Regiment-level or Brigade-level citation); Gallantry Cross with Silver Star (Division-level citation); Gallantry Cross with Gold Star (Corps-level citation). The devices to the Gallantry Cross are not worn simultaneously but instead are upgradeable to the next higher device which would replace the previous device for wear on the decoration. The most common award is the Republic of Vietnam (RVN) Gallantry Cross Medal w/Palm the individual award version.