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May 29
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May 7th
"Phonograph Records"
May 9th
"Camp Merrit Y.M.C.A "

May 9th
"War Camp Community"

May 10th
"Five die in Camp Merrit "

May 10th
"Holy trinity"

May 10th
"Camp Merrit Ball Players"

May 10th
"Mild sensation in court room"

May 11th
"Two Camp Merrit soldiers"

May 11th
"Camp Merrit boys"

May 11th
"Camp Merrit troops"

May 14th
"Sold liquor to soldiers"

May 22nd
"Local churches"

May 24th
"Camp soldiers may not parade"

May 29th
"Honor for heroes of the past"

May 31st
"Memorial Day"

May 31st
"Memorial day parade"



May 7
May 14
May 22
May 24


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