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Upon the death of Nelson Haas, the father of Hackensack Schools, the article of Friday December 29, 1905 and Saturday January 6, 1906 mentions
William J. Snow as being one of those pupils Nelson Haas tutored when principal of the Washington Institute School in Hackensack, which was located on the corner of Union and Myers Street in 1885, for acceptance into West Point. 

I do not know as of August 29, 2014 William J. Snow’s relationship to
Raymond Snow World War I Field Artillery.

Click here to view West Point Memorial article paying tribute to William J. Snow. 

  He served state side during the Spanish American War at Fort St. Phillip, Louisiana and then, Fort Slocum, New York. William J. Snow seemed to be gifted in the organization of the Field Artillery forces at its early stages when it needed attention most during World War I

The memorial article states:

“For his services as
Chief Artillery in World War I, General Snow was awarded the
Distinguished Service Medal by his own government, the Order of the Bath by Great Britain, and the Legion of Honor by France." 

Written by:
Bob Meli
August 29, 2014


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