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Warren “Pops” Tashian never went to Hackensack Schools. He grew up in New York City. Then, why have him recognized with our veterans?  Well, to know him, was to love him. His influence is so well known throughout
Bergen County, that upon his passing at age 100, it would be a shame not to take note.  “Pops”, as he was most well known by later in life, had a great relationship with Hackensack Athletics through umpiring. He umpired when I played in 1973 and being a first baseman, we would talk all game. He was just a great guy.

I was passing Hackensack High School and saw a JV game being played at the school around 2005, when he was around 90 years old. I was standing by the fence and "Pops" sees me and comes over and says, “How you doing Bob, great to see you”. I thought wow, I can’t remember my lunch, and he remembers me at 90!

We started talking and reminiscing about the past games and there was a close play at third base. Well, "Pops" is the only field umpire and he turns, runs about five steps, and calls the runner out. "Pops" was not in good position to see the play, he was on the other side of the field talking to me!  The runner got up and turned and just started to question the call and ‘HIS’ coach said as clear as day, “Pops" called you out, your out, lets go”. I will never forget that moment because in that moment generations were spanned the lesson of respect for an elder and the ideal of sports were lifted above winning.

    Warren “Pops” Tashian came to many wrestling matches over the years and we talked several times about his service.  One time "Pops" told me how he had flown bombing missions over Germany.  He tried to convey how inspiring it was to look out over the vast sky and see hundreds of B17 bombers and planes as far as the eye could see.  You got the sense he understood he was part of something far bigger then himself during World War II and was very proud of his service.  In one of those bombing raids over Berlin, Germany, while he was the belly gunner in a B17, "Pops" was hit and had 15 pieces of shrapnel in his right leg.
Warren "Pops" Tashian received the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service.  

Click here to view Warren "Pops" Tashian with the crew of the B17.

 Click here to view October 24, 2014 The Record article which tells of Warren “Pops” Tashian being one of the first people to ever cross the George Washington Bridge. "Pops" is also quoted in the article telling about other parts of his life, a very well done and interesting article.    

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Warren “Pops” Tashian’s passing.

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"Revered figure In Paramus Althletics Dies at 100".

If you knew "Pops" you will never forget him and also let us never forget his sacrifice.

Written by:
Bob Meli
August 13, 2015


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