Walter Caldroney


            On November 21, 2017, George Toriello sent me researched material from various sources.  This material was from <Soldiers of the Great War -New Jersey>.  The material states that Walter ‘Caldrony’(No’ey) was a private from North Hackensack and that he died of disease. Estimated death date 1918 which
is not very specific.  

Other material from the source, <US Army Transport Service, Passenger lists 1910-1939 page 335> states that on June 22, 1918, Private Walter Caldrony (No’ey) left to go overseas during the Great War on the
Commercial Steamer called “Pocahontas” from Newport News, Virginia with Company H 147th Infantry.  Walter Caldrony’s mother Mrs. Nellie Caldrony was listed as the emergency contact. 

Under that same source <US Army Transport Service, Passenger lists 1910-1939 page217> over two years after his death on December 15, 1920. The ship, U.S.-A.T. Wheaton (Army Transport) departed Antwerp, Belgium.  There is some confusion on whether he was on this ship according to Mr. Toriello, but it does state
Deceased, Pvt. Walter Caldrony Co. 'H', 147th Inf. arrived in Hoboken, NJ. The ship was carrying remains
(Recapitulation to U.S.) of those killed in action/other. The Total deceased on board was 2,478.

This material along with the memorial in the River Edge Park which was known as North Hackensack at the time points to the fact that this is our Walter Caldroney.  The material which was sent by George Hedges
class of 1973 on June 7, 2017 confirms this information, although the Library records state he lived in Teaneck at the time on River Road, but the boundaries of the cities had not been as well established and so whether called North Hackensack, River Edge, or Teaneck, Walter and his family are the people referenced. This also supports the Teaneck Library more specific record that he died of pneumonia from being gassed while in combat by stating he died of “Desease”. The confusion on whether Walter Caldroney was ever repatriated is interesting because the records according to the transport ship having his name listed yet the departure date not being confirmed on the ship leaves the account of myself and the library questioning whether
Walter Caldroney’s body is actually buried in Hackensack under the grave marker.    

Written by:
Bob Meli
December 19, 2017


Walter Caldroney