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George Toriello researched material on Uzal Meeker on <> and
<Find a grave>  on August 13, 2019. The information reveals that Uzal Meeker was born on August 15, 1757 in Elizabeth, New Jersey.   Uzal Meeker enlisted into the Continental Army on February 11, 1777, and was promoted to 1st Lieutenant on February 10, 1779. He retired from service on January 1, 1881. 

According to three separate sources on the  Ancestry website,
Uzal Meeker was married to Elizabeth (Nee Heaton), on January 16, 1794 and they had five sons and three daughters.  Uzal Meeker died on September 3, 1829 after 35 years of marriage at the age of 72 while living in New Barbadoes,
New Jersey which is now known as Hackensack, New Jersey.

Written by:
Bob Meli
August 19, 2019