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Sheffield Banta

114th Infantry

This is a photo which is marked on the back ‘Sheffield Banta’ received from George Hedges, Hackensack High School 1973, who found this photo in his Great Uncle George E. Hedges photo album of soldiers he served with during World War I. Where the photo was taken we can only speculate, but I would think it is in a camp state side.┬áNotice the horse shoe leaning on his stomach and the soldier behind him laughing.

I do not know at the present time, June 7, 2013, if Sheffield Banta and
Horace Banta are related or if Sheffield Banta has any connection to the
street named Banta Place in Hackensack.

Written by:
Bob Meli
June 7, 2013


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meeting Billy Pince 'Over There' titled
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The background image is of American soldiers marching during World War I in 1917 obtained from: