Hackensack High School
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I (Bob Meli) am a union carpenter. When I was working on a grocery store in Hasbrouck Heights in the early 1990's, I mentioned my cousin,
Ted Sellarole,in a conversation to a coworker.

Sam Terry overheard me mention Ted Sellarole and asked me if I was talking about the Ted Sellarole from Hackensack. I said yes. Sam told me he had gone to school with Ted Sellarole (Sam Terry graduated in 1951 and Ted Sellarole graduated in 1949).

Sam Terry was drafted into the service during the Korean conflict and he met Ted Sellarole in Korea.  Sam Terry said "We looked at each other and I said I never thought I would meet you here". Sam said
Ted Sellarole
would receive letters from his future wife (now, his wife of over 50 years) laced with perfume. 

Sam Terry lives in Teaneck and Ted Sellarole lives in Ramsey. They still keep in touch all these years later.

Written by:
Bob Meli
October 18, 2009

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