The Evening Record September 15, 1917



“Tex” Wells Can Hear the Row At Night Time.

          Robert C. “Tex” Wells, graduate of Newman School, class of 1917, writes from France to a member of the Record force as Follows;

          “ Wish you were over here with me, sleeping in a stretcher and eating good French army food.  Also trying to smoke French cigarettes when you dream of Fatimas.  We have had our cars (20 new Fiats) for a month but have done nothing but take wounded from hospitals to recuperation camps.  We have been over a large part of France and are now about 10 miles from the front and can hear the row at night.  Within a week we will be in the thick of it doing hot work.  May God be good enough to make Germany call it off before then.  Will write again soon. Write me and tell me how old Hackensack is getting along.”

          “Tex” was president of the Sixth Form at Newman last term and was one of the most popular students that ever attended Newman. He joined the American Ambulance Corps in France last June and this is the first word received in Hackensack from him.

Recopied by:
Bob Meli
January 15, 2013




ER Raymond Snow

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Robert C. Wells